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Having Trouble Paying Your Utilities or Rent?
We're Here to Help.

The FC RISE works to help renters get the assistance they need to avoid utility shutoff or eviction. The FC RISE is administered by the IMPACT Community Action Agency (IMPACT).

Am I Eligible?

You may qualify if you can answer yes to the following questions.

  • Does your household income meet the program's limits?
  • Are you a renter household?
  • Has someone in your household (1) qualified for unemployment or (2) had a decrease in income or increase in expenses due to Covid-19?
  • Is someone in your household at risk for housing instability or homelessness?

How Much Assistance is Available?

Every household's situation is different, so the amount of assistance you may receive will be specific to your needs.

Please have all your information and documents ready to ensure faster processing of your application. An application will not begin the review process until all information has been received.

If you are requesting rental assistance, make sure the amount you request will be accepted by your landlord. If they challenge the amount, it can delay your application's processing.

How Can the FC RISE Help Me?

Depending on your circumstances, The FC RISE may:

  • Bring your delinquent rent or utility bill(s) current.
  • Pay up to 3 months of future rent.
  • Provide a stipend for internet.

How Do I Apply?

After you answer the prequalifying questions, you must complete an application for assistance and provide documentation.

What Happens Next?

If you qualify for rent assistance, FC RISE will request approval from your landlord/property manager. If your landlord/property manager approves, FC RISE will send payments directly to them to bring your rent current.

If you qualify for utility assistance, the FC RISE will work with your utility company(ies). If your utility company(ies) approve, FC RISE will send payments directly to them to bring your utilities current.

If you qualify for internet assistance, FC RISE will send you an internet stipend.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

IMPACT works with nonprofit groups and does not charge a fee for its services. Beware of calls and other solicitations from companies offering to assist you in return for payment.

IMPACT Community Action Agency

(614) 252-2799

711 Southwood Ave
Columbus, OH 43207

FC RISE provides assistance on a fair and equal basis regardless of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, military status, disability or ancestry. Please visit for more information.

What does it mean to be "ready to upload"?

  • Your documentation meets the date and content requirements;
  • You have your documentation available as a legible:
    • High resolution scan as a Jpeg, PNG, or PDF;
    • High resolution photo as a Jpeg or PNG;
    • Downloaded PDF from the original document provider
  • You have either an email address or a cell phone number capable of receiving texts (data and messaging rates from your provider apply);

It is important to check the legibility of your photos and/or scans otherwise it can delay your application. Not sure if your documents are legible? Click Here for an Example.

Have all your documents ready?

Click Here to Apply Document Checklist

Below is a sample cropping of the same document:

Sample of a legigible and illegible document.

Pinch to zoom in.

If you do not have the ability to get digital copies of your documents - you can:
WATER UTILITY FAX: (440) 398-8081
711 Southwood Avenue
Columbus, OH 43207.

Be sure to include your application number on your fax cover sheet

If you do not have the ability to get digital copies of your documents - you can:

711 Southwood Avenue
Columbus, OH 43207.

Be sure to include your application number on your fax cover sheet

Pinch to zoom in.

We're sorry, but you do not qualify for the The FC RISE program.

Based on the answer(s) you have provided in the prequalification questionnaire, unfortunately you do not qualify for our program.

Help, I don't qualify.

If you feel you reached this in error, please call us at (614) 252-2799 and we can help clarify any questions.


Documentation Checklist

Please make sure you have copies of all your required documents  ready for uploading or for faxing or mailing:

To apply for FC RISE (FC RISE), Applicants must submit identification documentation and documentation of the FC RISE Eligibility Criteria. Examples of acceptable documentation are described below. Additional information, a complete list of the acceptable documentation requirements, and all forms are described and included in the FC RISE application.

  1. Identification for the Head of Household
    • Examples - driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, Department of Homeland Security document
  2. Proof of Rental Householder
    • Examples - written lease or other acceptable documentation outlined in the FC RISE Application
    • Additional documentation is required for applicants who rent from a family member
  3. Proof of Residency for Head of Household (address must match rental property address)
    • Examples - driver’s license, current utility bill, 2020 W-2
  4. Proof of Income Eligibility
    • May provide documentation on an annual or monthly basis as explained in the FC RISE application
    • Examples – 2020 Tax Return, pay stubs, unemployment benefits statements
  5. Proof that Since March 13, 2020, at Least One Member of the Household has Either: (1) Qualified for Unemployment, or (2) Experienced a Reduction in Household Income, Incurred Significant Costs, or Experienced other Financial Hardship Due Directly or Indirectly to the Pandemic.
    • Self-Certification Form must be completed and signed by Head of Household
  6. Proof that Since March 13, 2020, at Least one Member of the Household Can Demonstrate a Risk of Experiencing Homelessness or Housing Instability
    • Examples – past due utility or rent notice, eviction notice
  7. A copy of the Past Due Utility Bills for the Utilities you are Requesting Assistance For, if any. (Electric, Gas, Water, Sewer, Trash, Other Energy Costs-such as Propane, Fuel Oil)

Do you have all your documents ready?

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